Thursday, January 21, 2016

how much are you worth?

How much are you worth?

The society that you live in measures your worth by the money you have, the figures in your bank account, your investments, your assets , or any material forms that could be calculated.

Recent business reports have claimed that there are 62 rich people who are as wealthy as half of the world's population today. That's ridiculous! 

Some would give their annual earnings as an answer. If you get a high paying job, then you are more expensive. If you don't have any work, it is likely to say that it would be difficult to determine your price.

Iran is the only country which legalizes the selling of kidney. A single kidney could cost around 10 or 20 grand. Hypothetically thinking, when you try to assess all your body organs' cost, you could totally sum your worth into as much as 21 million dollars. The healthier you are the more expensive you will be. The younger you are the most promising worth you will get.

In some areas in the world, a woman is being paid by her fiance the moment or before she ties the knot. She is going to get the so-called dowry based on her educational attainment and position in the society. The more educated she is, the more dowry she can get. The more prolific she is, the more worth she can get before or during marriage.

Your assets could determine how much do you have. It could be your house, car, jewelry, or any material things that you possess.

In reality, there is not enough money in this entire life that could equalize your worth. There is no monetary value that can be put on yourself. Your worth is incomparable to those 62 rich people or any celebrities getting paid with millions of dollars for every project they make . Your worth is beyond comparison to themYou are unique. You are priceless. You are much more unaffordable than the most expensive diamond in this world.

Think again. 

How much value do you give to yourself?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This morning, I browsed over one of my social media accounts and I found a photo that tickled me a lot. It contained a green garden of this popular herb. At first glance it looked just all right, but the moment I was about to swipe my phone up, I couldn't stop from giggling. It was difficult to hold my giggle until it had followed me to the shower room. While putting on my suit for work, I remembered the picture again. I giggled... then I giggled... and then I giggled again.

The things around us bring finite happiness that can somehow lighten our everyday living. This world presents the big, gigantic, grand, most festive, most colorful, expensive stuff to gratify the senses of men. In reality, people don't experience them everyday. The small or simple things are the ones that we encounter almost often, but sad to say that sometimes people tend to overlook at them frequently.

It was just a simple one. The photo had an erroneous label as 'ment' instead of its correct spelling as 'mint.' Shallow I might have been, but it's the littlest things that could make me giggle the longest. It's the small ones that can make me appreciate more of the things around me.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

who i would want to be

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an engineer. There were no wasted time, I studied hard, day in and day out until such time that I finished primary. That was the first step to fulfilling what I thought I had wanted to be.

As I grew up my niche had become wider, and as it had gotten broader and broader, my desire had constantly changed from one to another. In high school, I thought I could be a chemist or a botanist. I also thought of becoming a writer... a singer... a performer. I had never thought that the more I had gotten older, the more I had thought of different persona, either possible or impossible, yet these phases just passed me by.

I went to university, and all I knew I could perhaps discover what I wanted to be, but it all got more complicated. I developed this passion to paint, abstractly, I had no idea where did it all come from. Perhaps, my mind turned a little bit mature wanting to paint non-concrete impressions and ideas. Year after year, it had changed from one thing to another- from lawyer to reporter, radio announcer to composer.

I needed to work, but still, in my mind I had to achieve whatever dream that I had at that time. My first job was in an advertising company, but I felt it was not really for me. Then, I changed. I had become a customer contact associate for a foreign company, until such time that I realized that the shift was not appropriate for my health.

I tried being a journalist, but it just couldn't sustain my living. I worked for a short time being a librarian, but it just didn't fit who I am.

Now, I am a researcher, but there are nights that I wonder what must I become. At the back of my head, there is this fervent desire for me to be somebody - not the person that I am today. Yes, I definitely know who I am, but there is this person that I would want for myself to be. This inner yearning of becoming someone not I am today gets stronger each day. I am in a stage where I am trying to untangle the knot to finally experience the best I am. At my age, the clarity of who I want to be is a little murky yet the possibility is still achievable. In spite of all these, I will never get tired finding out that person I would like to be.

Monday, May 11, 2015

the old stricken tree

A subtle storm passed some months ago causing the whole city to be in chaos. One morning at work, I saw an old tree that had been down . Possibly, it was struck by the wind together with a strong rainfall during the storm. Long after, some men cut the tree piece by piece with a chainsaw.

All I thought the old tree was gone forever knowing that there was nothing left but the big brown seemed rotten lower trunk of it. Every morning I parked my motorcycle near that place where the old tree stood for a long time. As time went by, I have learned to accept that the old tree was gone.

Rainy season came. Day after day, night after night, rain poured hard out  in the city. For almost a week, water did not cease to leave the city.

As I was sitting in the saddle of my motorcycle with my eyes gazing towards the then stricken old tree, I noticed something different with the left part of it. There were something around it; something that I did not expect to show up. I went closer to have a bigger look at it. To my amazement, yes, there were small green branches waving out of the trunk. I touched them, and found out, they were real scions.

No matter how old we are, if we are firmly rooted with our beliefs and principles in life, no powerful disasters can strike us down.  Not even the most devastating storm can destroy us forever. We may fall, but it doesn't mean we can't rise.